About Us

Our Company

Since its founding in Hong Kong in 2009, Rose Creation HK, has become the leading supplier of Fine Cut diamonds in Hong Kong. The company expanded its operations in India in 2010 with the manufacturing unit in Surat (India). Our passion at Rose creation is to make life’s important moments even more sparkling and precious. We focus on bringing superior quality diamonds get set in fine metal jewelry.


Motto states, “I would rather explain the price than apologize for the quality”. This simple statement has served Rose Creation well in making our company one of the leading producers and suppliers of fancy cut diamonds in the world.


The success of Rose creation diamonds can be attributed to our customer-centric philosophy, the quality standards we maintain, the meticulous manufacturing skills of our employees and fair trading practices which we actualize throughout the world. This in combination with our core family values ensures a loyal customer base all over the globe.